The Catholic Church's Bad Example

The catholic church shows us why we should help people in impoverished countries.  Well fed, well educated, happy people are more difficult for evil organizations to take advantage of.  The catholic church claims that poverty is a virtue.  Being poor, hungry, and taken advantage of are good things because there is a great reward in heaven.  But look at how the pope lives.  He has a magnificent palace in his own little pretend country smack dab in the middle of what should be the civilized world.  Why do we allow this farce to continue?  We know the church is spreading beliefs that are harmful, such as the lie that condoms increase the spread of AIDS.  We know they condone the sexual abuse of children by their priests.  Even other christians know that the arbitrary rules and rituals of the catholic church have nothing to do with being a good person or even following what the bible says.

The vast majority of the people in countries where the literacy rate is close to 100% who know that the catholic church is taking advantage of people in third world countries but do nothing to stop it have many reasons for their inactivity.  It’s inconvenient.  It’s expensive.  It’s not our problem.  I’m in a coma.  Aside from that last one, these are all just excuses and codewords for “I don’t care”.

If you don’t care about people other than yourself living better lives, do your part to knock the pope down a notch.  Breaking the catholic church’s stranglehold on poor, overpopulated, undereducated, disease-ridden countries will go a long way toward taking it down once and for all and forcing the clergy to do something useful with their lives.


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