Unimaginative mythical monsters

Half X, Half Y Monsters – Griffins, masticores, manticores, hippogriffs, sphynxes (hehe, sounds like sphincter), harpies, and a bunch of other monsters required very little imagination to think up.  Mixing two animals together?  Come on.  Come up with something that doesn’t already exist.  Eagles and lions exist.  There’s nothing fantastic about them.  Griffins are stupid.

Regular Animals With a Twist – A roc is just a really really big eagle.  Whoopie.  Phoenixes are just like regular birds, but they catch on fire.  I think one of Michael Bay’s ancestors came up with that one.  A unicorn is just a horse with a horn.  Seriously, nature should be suing ancient Greece for stealing its intellectual property.

Skeletons – We all have skeletons.  They are already everywhere.  We look at them all the time, just with skin and stuff on them.  Coming up with skeletons as monsters was one of the most unimaginative things any human has ever done or ever will do.

Angels – People with wings.  Come on.  Who couldn’t come up with that one?  Why did anybody bother?  I’m counting angels as monsters because some of them kill people.


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