Why the ten commandments matter to christians

I’m going to play Yahweh’s advocate in a minute, but first I’m going to be my usual bible-bashing self and mention a well known hypocrisy in christianity.  Yes, I know there are many, so it’s hard to just choose one, but this one is really one of the more interesting ones.  Many christians claim that they oppose homosexuality because it’s condemned in the bible.  They forget that shaving, planting two crops in one field, and wearing clothing made of mixed fabrics are also condemned in the same chapters.

Now that I think about it, muslim extremists are criticized for expecting everybody else to live by their rules.  Their rules are disgusting, and only believers in their insane religion would actually want to live by them.  There are even americans who are paranoid about islam infiltrating the government.  You can’t deny that that would suck.  We do have to be on guard for that, but for the same reason, we have to be on guard for christianity infiltrating our laws as well.  The laws of this country affect everyone, and it is unconstitutional for any religion to have preferential treatment.  People like Sarah Palin either don’t realize this, refuse to recognize it, or pretend not to realize or recognize it due to some other sinister agenda.

That was a bit of a tangent, but an important one, I think.  I want to get back to what I was saying about christians’ selective adherence to the old testament.  They put a lot of importance on the ten commandments even though it’s written about in the same places in the old testament where the stuff you can find the stuff they disregard.  So why do they put any stock in it?  It’s because jesus talks about them in the new testament.  Generally, when a christian talks about “god’s law”, he or she means the ten commandments (despite the omission of child molestation and rape).  This is because the new testament has jesus kinda revising them.  He specifically says that they still apply, but he makes a few addendums, such as love Yahweh, love your neighbor, don’t have sexual feelings, and don’t get angry at people.  It’s not what he says specifically that is important.  It’s the fact that the character pays special attention to the ten commandments.

Looking at it this way, it is totally understandable that christians would pay heed to the ten commandments and not to the rest of the nutty rules and regulations that can be found in the old testament.  The new testament itself is a “testament” to christians throwing out what rules they don’t want to follow and keeping the ones that they do.  Since the jesus character says nothing about homosexuality, it’s probably safe to say that christians who use the bible to defend that bigotry are just closet cases.


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