Why religion matters to atheists

Christians enjoy asking why atheists talk about gods they don’t believe in.  I’ll answer this question in a few ways, and I’ll number them just because numbers are groovy.

1.) Talking about something doesn’t mean that you believe in it.  Atheists don’t believe in Zeus, and neither do christians, but we have all discussed him in school.  When atheists talk about Yahweh, it is as a fictional character.  Christians can’t understand this because they refuse to think about their god in terms of not being real.

2.) Christians who ask this question aren’t really asking a question.  They’re making a statement.  “Please stop talking about my god as if he doesn’t exist.”  That’s what they’re really saying, and no, we will do no such thing.  Your god is as likely to be real as any other.

3.) We disagree with religion because it’s bad for both individuals and society.  Children with imaginary friends are cute and funny.  Adults with imaginary friends need help.  In both cases, the individual might insist that his/her imaginary friend is real.  He/she might even claim to experience physical manifestations of his/her friend’s presence, but no actual evidence can ever be produced, but he/she still expect others to believe him/her when he/she say it’s real.

People who hold their religion as the most important thing in their lives have an agenda before anything else to do what they think their imaginary friends want them to do, though really what they are doing is blaming what they want that might not be accepted by society on their god, and for some reason society makes allowances for this insanity.  It’s probably because religion has pervaded society enough to render it insane as well.  To sum it up, atheists talk about religion because we don’t like seeing the world run by crazy people.

4.) There be a small faction of self proclaimed nonbelievers who actually do believe but claim to be atheists in order to defy gods they secretly believe in, but many religious people have fooled themselves into thinking that this is the case with every atheist.  This may have been the case for me when I first began to rebel against religion, but it gave me the daring to look at arguments from a different perspective.  My nonbelief is sincere, and anybody who doesn’t believe it is just fooling themselves.  In fact, I could turn this argument around and say they are resisting my point of view because they know it’s really correct.


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