Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day was May 20th, and many people participated in it by drawing pictures of the man the muslims think was a prophet, Muhammad, and posting them online.  As a result, many theocratic countries under sharia law (the law of islam) chose to ban the most popular websites that did nothing to discourage the celebration of this brand new holiday.  They did it because their religion forbids depictions of Muhammad lest they be used as idols the way the crucifix is used in christianity.  In the context of their religion, it is a sensible rule.

Unfortunately, religious extremists, including non-muslims like christians and… well, I can’t think of any other religions that do this, seem to think that everyone in the world should follow the rules of their religion and thus are subject to the same penalties for breaking the rules as they would be.  They view any depiction of their precious pedophile prophet as an offense that warrants a death sentence.

So when Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, made an episode of their show in which Muhammad was depicted as a man wearing a bear costume, one muslim website posted information about the location of the show’s studio and surreptitiously invited other muslims to react with violence to the “insult”.  In a surge of support for Stone and Parker, Everybody Draw Muhammad Day was suggested, taken back, and done anyway.  The idea was to tell muslim extremists that we will not give in to bullying the way Comedy Central does and that we will not live by the rules of a religion we do not follow.

The holiday met with great criticism from muslims and muslim sympathizers, who said that the pictures were insulting and that the holiday was intended only to incite anger.  While it is true that many of the depictions, including most of them drawn by yours truly, were intentionally offensive, they only mocked Muhammad himself.  At worst, the religion of islam was degraded, belittled, insulted, filled with chocolate, and covered with a hard candy shell.

M&M’s.  Buy some and eat them today.  But not the brown ones.  That’s racist.

Why should a religion not be insulted?  Because it makes the religion’s followers feel bad?  There is absolutely no reason for a person to take jabs at his or her religion personally.  Religions don’t have feelings.  If there is no rational reason for a person to take it personally when a religion is insulted, then the reason must be irrational.  Insults only hurt the feelings of a person if the person who is insulted thinks the insult is true and doesn’t want it to be.  Outrage at an insult is the result of frustration.  Frustration is a pressurized feeling.  It can only be set off once it has built up, and it begins internally.

A person who holds his or her religion so close that it is the chief source of his or her emotional stimulus is a very insecure person with a weak mind and probably a low IQ.  If mere words are enough to set off an emotionally fragile idiot, then the insult is not the true source of the resulting trouble, violent or otherwise.  Emotional security is the only defense against ridicule, and hurt feelings are the result of a lack of security.


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