Third Day of Work

I’m starting to feel comfortable at the office.  The job is easy and very well suited to my talents, but I think they want me to eventually become some kind of real estate agent or something.  I don’t want that.  I like the artistic and technical aspects of making the ads eye catching.  Once I have some leverage there, I’ll let them know that I have no intention of going into real estate.

Actually, it might not even matter in the long run.  I still plan on going to Washington with Nicole to seek my fortune.  Right now I’m just collecting money.


3 thoughts on “Third Day of Work”

  1. Yay Washington! ^.^ Good that you’re saving up some money. I really hope you like it up here at least half as much as I do. The schools here are very open-minded and offer programs/classes I wouldn’t even have ever thought existed. I still discover something new and mind-blowing every time I meet somebody. (Where else can you pursue a degree program in “Consciousness Studies”?) I should be coming down there either mid-late July or early August. I want to see about a job that starts in September and apply for school/whatnot first.


    1. Yeah, I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure. I think meeting new people is the thing I am most looking forward to, but that’s not saying much because I’m looking forward to pretty much all of it. I’ll have to be ready for the cold though. BRRRRRRR!!!

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