It's finally Friday!

I’ll post something interesting later.  For now, here’s another personal blog.

I’m working more hours than the guy said, but it’s good.  It means more money.  It’s just kind of annoying how he wants me to get a crazy number of ads posted in addition to all this other stuff.  He wants me to design graphics (which I like to do a lot), create ad templates (another thing I like to do), update the newsletter (which isn’t too bad), and probably other stuff I can’t think of right now.  Really, if they just cut the data entry part out or at least found a more effective place to post ads than Craigslist, and also if I wasn’t constantly interrupted by a new thing he wants me to do, everything would be great.

It’s not this job in particular that bothers me, though.  It’s the fact that I’m still not really doing anything.  That will change soon enough, but right now it sucks being here doing something I don’t really want to do to appease people who want me to be someone I’m not.  At least in Washington, I won’t be surrounded by stifling people.  They care about me being happy, but they don’t know what will make me happy.  They don’t understand how I think.


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