Ugh, this job…

I was never all that excited about this job.  It fell in my lap.  I didn’t seek it out.  A lot of things are starting to get to me, like how JC’s expectations are way too high and he can’t get straight what he wants me to do.  When I’m not doing any one of the ten things he told me to do, which is always the case because I can only do maybe two things at once, he gets all pissy and complains.  Figure out what you want me to do and then stick with it, you idiot.  If you want me to post ads, I’ll post ads.  That’s what I was told the job is.  If you want me to call apartments to get information, then stop expecting me to post ads, and don’t have everyone doing it at once without any kind of coordination so we might be all calling the same places.

Don’t think that I’m acting like a wuss at work and not saying anything to anybody so I can vent here.  I’m saying pretty much all of this stuff there too, except that I’m not calling JC an idiot to his face (yet).  I’m starting to hate this job, and unless things get better, I’m not going to stay much longer.  I didn’t ask for this.  I was forced into this.  I hate doing things I hate in order to make money that I don’t want.


3 thoughts on “Ugh, this job…”

  1. It ended up being not too bad of a day, but I still mean everything I wrote here. One of the things I’ll be happy about getting away from when I leave Texas is this job.

  2. By the way, in the above post, as in the IM the other day, “CHEAT!!!” is used as a verb, but you have taken it as a noun, which is certainly a convenient way for you to take it, because as a noun, it doesn’t apply to you. Only as a verb.

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