What determines who and what we are?

Our DNA makes us human.  That much is irrefutable.  The debate comes when we ask the question of what makes a person the unique individual he or she is.  Spiritual people would say that the most important factor is a person’s spirit.  Rational people disagree.  As children, we are creatures of pure emotional desire.  We want what we want, and to not get it is the end of the world.  Experience teaches us to ignore what we want, and experience is simply the memory of having been through something.

Knowledge is also just a memory of having learned something.  Memories make us who we are.  That means that we are constantly becoming different people, and as time goes by, we are becoming more and more different from who we used to be.  Sure, attributes we’re born with affect some of our experiences and catalyze the creation of certain memories, but it’s still the memories that are important.


6 thoughts on “What determines who and what we are?”

  1. I wouldn’t know anything about your shmingy groob grawb. I asks you several times to see it, but you wouldn’t show it to me.

    There was that one time you said it was almost as big as the mens’ in those dirty films.

  2. That’s not what my smingy groob grawb is. It’s invisible, and it’s the part of me that lives on after I die. It’s attached to me somehow even though it’s not a physical thing. It doesn’t govern my emotions at all because that’s the brain’s job. It doesn’t have any actual effect on my body, actually, so there’s really no reason to believe it exists, but it does because I’ll use it to live on after my body dies. I have faith, which means I believe it even though it isn’t true.

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