100 ads

That’s what they want me to post every day.  It’s not going to happen.  It can’t be done in the time I have here.  The office manager told me it’s very important that I get that many posted today, and she said it like it was a warning.  I think this adventure is about to end because they ask too much of me, and they don’t appreciate what I do.  I don’t care.  I didn’t ask for this.  I’m only here to pacify people who want me to have a job.  Hopefully, Nicole will be out of the army soon, and then the real adventure begins.

This is all so stupid.  Why do people just accept that in order to live, they have to do things they don’t really like?  Why are people willing to compromise their happiness in order to conform to some arbitrary standard?  I want to bring it all down.  I want to destroy the comfort of the complacent and change the way society works.


One thought on “100 ads”

  1. Don’t you understand they want what’s best for you? You have to conform to their standard because it’s the right standard. Good always triumphs over evil, so if it weren’t the right standard, the right standard would take its place. It’s right there in the Bible.

    Wait. This isn’t the Bible. This is Mein Kampf.

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