why you shouldn't use an apartment locator

Apartment locating services seem like a great idea.  They are paid by the apartment complex rather than the person using their services, and they often (if not always) pay a rebate upon signing the lease.  What you may not realize is that apartment complexes pay locators different rates, usually a percentage of a month’s rent.  Locators will not tell you about apartments that don’t pay locators very much or at all, so they only care about the needs of the person they’re helping after they take care of their own needs.  If you truly want to find the best deal on an apartment that you can get, do the research yourself.  There’s really no information that you need that only a real estate agent can get.  Call the apartments to tell them about anything fuzzy in your history, like broken leases or criminal background, and see if they’ll work with you before you visit them.  Locators are in it to make money by funneling people into apartments that pay them the most, not to help you find an apartment.


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