Terms are subject to change without notice


If the terms of a contract change, it is no longer the same contract.  If I do not sign the new contract, then I am not bound by it.  I don’t even care if it was just a change of wording that doesn’t have any impact on the meaning of the terms.  If the contract changes, it is not the same contract.  Businesses have to realize that they are at the mercy of their customers, not the other way around.  We have all the power, and they have none of it.


2 thoughts on “Terms are subject to change without notice”

  1. Legally speaking, in order to hold you to changes they made to the contract since you signed, they have to have your expressed consent to the new terms. However, companies assume you don’t know this aspect of the law, which is a fair bet, and only exempt you if you express knowledge that they are not legally allowed to hold you to new terms and conditions. It SHOULD be illegal to include an illegal phrase in a contract anyway. That phrase is not legally binding, nor are the new terms, but we need to take it further. No contract which includes this phrase is legally binding, and they are required to state, on the front page of the contract, in 50pt. Arial, that the contract is not legally binding as a result or every person who works for the company goes to jail.

    Fun fact: Every early termination fee a cell phone company collects is illegal because they ALWAYS violate the contract before the customer does.

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