I was at a dinner thing with work people last night (free food, hurray), and one of my coworker’s kids mentioned that he was in college studying something like business.  It occurred to me that he is wasting his life and might as well be dead.  I’ll explain why I’ve come to this extreme yet correct opinion.

The whole point of business is to make money, nothing more.  It does it in many different ways, but the bottom line is always the same.  To study business is to study how to make money, and to make it your major in college is to dedicate your life to making money.  What a waste.

It’s not just that there are more important things in life than making money and accumulating material wealth.  It’s that doing that is not important at all, and to dedicate your life to it tells the world that you don’t care about anything.  Why do people look up to people who have a lot of things?  It’s because they are unhappy and think that if they had something that someone else has, they would be happy.  The grass is always greener on the other side, though you don’t see rich people admiring poor people and aspiring to be like them.  They look to even richer people for the way to increased happiness because they are too stupid to realize that happiness and having more money are not at all connected.  They would be better off giving away what they don’t need to people who need it and dedicating their lives to something that matters.  They would also be better off jumping off a building.

A lot of rich people give to charity or use their celebrity to get others to pay attention to a cause they believe in.  It’s generally movie stars who do the latter because of all the rich people in the world, they are the only ones who seem to understand what life should be.  They earn their wealth by providing entertainment rather than trying to make money, so they have better things to do than constantly come up with new ways of getting richer and richer.  I’m not saying that making money isn’t a priority to them.  I’m saying that it’s not their #1 priority, but I could be wrong in specific cases.  Even stupid people like Tom Cruise realize that having money is not the path to happiness.  He gives away millions to con artists and gets a fake peace of mind that is still much more real than what is attained by businesspeople.  In fact, it calls into question who the joke is really on in that situation.

People in the United States are encouraged to get married and raise children.  I’ll admit that it’s a noble pursuit, but it seems to me that it binds people to the service of business that exist to generate money as much as it achieves the propagation of the species.  When making money is tied so closely with the survival of the human race, it’s easy to see why people think that to dedicate their lives to business is a valid goal, but it isn’t.  I would rather see the entire human race die out than exist to simply accumulate material possessions.  What can we really possess when every individual is destined to die?


2 thoughts on “Priorities”

  1. Money doesn’t buy happi–*snicker*
    I’m sorry. I can never get through that part with a straight face. You live in America? Money buys happiness. Buys a Waverunner. Try to frown on a Waverunner. You can’t. It’s too much fun.

    That said, I’d LOVE to see the human race die out. It’s never going to happen because I’m never going to die. I’ve been 15 years old for the last few decades. I don’t think I’m ever going to age. I know I’m never going to die.

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