Hitler wasn't so bad

WHAT?  How dare I say such a thing!   This is an outrage!   It’s worse than calling someone a nigger!   It’s worse than raping a thousand babies!  It’s worse than using kitten blood as a fabric softener!

Calm down, you psycho.  I’m illustrating a point.  We have been taught by society to hate Hitler for what he did during World War II because apparently it’s a prerequisite for being a good person.  Torturing and killing millions of people seems like a reprehensible thing to do since it makes people feel bad, but Hitler alone didn’t do it.  Lots and lots of people chose to help him.  That’s not my point though.

My point is that the first reaction people have to things is generally emotional, and more often than not, they go directly from that to action.  If they do any thinking at all, it goes last and often leads to regret.  A small percentage of people are able to go from feeling to thinking before action, and this is a great thing to be able to do because it gives them the power to avoid regrets.

People have the right to have whatever opinion of Hitler that they want, even if it’s different from yours.  There are still nazis in the world, and they have the same rights that you do.  Judge yourself before you judge them.  I’m not saying to not judge them at all.  Go ahead and judge if you’ve judged yourself.  Go ahead.  I dare  you.  I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!!  Be a nazi nazi if you want.  The truth is that Adolph Hitler wasn’t 100% evil, and if I say that Hitler wasn’t so bad, I might mean Adolph’s father or grandfather.  I might even be talking about a stuffed animal with a small rip in its foot.  It’s still intact.  It’s not so bad.


7 thoughts on “Hitler wasn't so bad”

  1. What’s so wrong about using kitten blood as a fabric softener. I have the softest satin sheets you’ve ever touched.

    The thing is, Hitler wasn’t that bad. I mean, as far as politicians go, he wasn’t that bad. I mean, he was better than most American politicians whose careers I’ve followed. At least he did a whole bunch of good stuff before the bloody war. American politicians could learn from that. Hitler’s mistake, of course, was dying during the war. Had he lived on, he could have redeemed himself and people would not have judged him solely on the war. Something about killing millions of Jews being the last thing you did in life doesn’t sit well with your legacy. Perhaps if it was the first thing he did, and he made up for it with that other stuff. You know? Like Ted Kennedy. But, I digress.

    Yeah. I know nazis still exist. One of them is pope. “Oh!! He can’t say that! That’s libel.” Uh… fucking did. And you know what? If the pope doesn’t like that comment, he can Catholick my bollocks. He has no power over me. He can’t tell me what I can and can’t say. We all know he was a member of Hitler’s youth. He has many of the same ideals now that he did then, and that’s close enough for me.

    Now, there I go speaking before I think just like those you’re complaining about. It’s okay. I think it’s funny enough, now that it’s gone through my brain, to leave it. When people present news about an “evil” person, the media always present it in a manner that they hope will receive a knee jerk reaction. And the American public never disappoint. Fucking tools. If only they knew how much power they had if they would just stand up, think, and then act.

  2. Hitler did a lot of good for Germany in only a few years. He took them from a poverty stricken, bankrupt nation to a world superpower that took the combined efforts of America, Britain and Russia to defeat Germany, and even then they were struggling. He rebuilt the economy, created jobs for millions of unemployed Germans, reducing unemployment from 30% to 5% in almost no time at all. The Western Allies at the end of the war and to this day still demonize the man and dare not reveal all the good things he did. I mean sure enough he made mistakes and The Holocaust is just unimaginably cruel and horrible, but what about the crimes of the Allies such as the fire and atomic bombing of entire cities killing thousands of innocent civilians. What people don’t seem to remember is that most German soldiers were just like any American, British and Russian soldier in the war, fighting for the safety and freedom of their country and their family, it was the SS divisions that committed the atrocities, not the regular Army.

    1. I remember in school when my teachers would tell us about Hitler, they made sure to mention that he was a very smart and charismatic man. He’d have to be to become the leader of a nation. Germany would have collapsed at some point though. A coercion based state can only go so far.

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