There was only one rule

(This is another Yahweh’s advocate post.)

As if there weren’t enough problems with the story of Adam and Eve, I found another one.  Christians like to talk about how Adam and Eve only had to follow one rule, and they were free to do whatever else they wanted.  Does that mean that it would have been okay for one of them to kill the other?  Would Yahweh have been all right with it if they had made a statue and started to worship it?  Clearly, lying wasn’t a sin because Yahweh did that when he told them they would die if they ate from the tree of death, I mean the tree of knowledge.  In fact, as far as I’ve read, never in all of Genesis does Yahweh condemn lying.  He rewarded Jacob for lying to and stealing from his brother repeatedly.

It could be argued that since Adam and Steve didn’t know about good and evil, they couldn’t have committed any other sin.  Did they know disobedience?  If they only knew to disobey Yahweh and eat from the tree, and that is why it was the only sin they could have committed, then would they have killed each other if he had told them not to?  Would they have disobeyed any order he gave them?

Learning what sin is cannot possibly be considered a sin.  If that is what gave mankind a sinful nature, then it was a flaw in our design that made sin so attractive to us.  We find it fun to do what Yahweh doesn’t want us to do.  That’s not our fault.


2 thoughts on “There was only one rule”

  1. The logic in this story is something Christians use in every aspect of their lives. Pointing it out solves nothing.

    “Don’t teach my kids evolution in school because, if they know it, that makes it true.”
    “Don’t attempt to prove my god wrong because, if I hear it, he doesn’t exist.”
    “Don’t eat from that tree in the middle of the garden because, if you don’t know what sin is, you’re not sinning.”

    It’s the same damn logic they apply to everything. It’s stupid egotistical feeling logic, but you can’t argue with them about it because they consistently use it across the board as an excuse to believe what they want rather than what they should.

  2. Of course, by that logic, people deep in undeveloped places in Africa who have never heard of Jesus or the Bible aren’t really sinning, and it’s evil to send missionaries there to fuck up their lives by pointing out the sin of their condom usage.

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