Why you shouldn't shop at Hobby Lobby

I will give you a one thousand word essay on why you shouldn’t shop at Hobby Lobby if there is one in your area.

Get it? It’s a picture! All joking aside, I took this picture yesterday. It’s posted at the entrance. I told my mom about it, and she said that all companies can search people as if they were the police, who also have no right to search people, but they don’t all necessarily publicize it. I don’t wonder why not. I saw this and was outraged. If stores reserve the right to conduct illegal searches, then I reserve the right to shoplift from them.

They mention that they can search cars in the parking lot, but they also say that people who refuse to cooperate, as everyone should, they will be escorted from the premises. How do you escort a car from the premises?


One thought on “Why you shouldn't shop at Hobby Lobby”

  1. Hmm… Of the Bill of Rights, how many of those ten amendments still apply?

    If I’m not mistaken, just two. You still have a right to trial by jury (if you’re stupid enough to want it), and you’re still not required to quarter a British soldier. Am I missing one?

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