Titles and Labels

Titles are good things.  People like titles because they elevate them.  They grant people the illusion of authority.  Presidents, kings, officers, generals, admirals, and managers get to tell people what to do.  That’s their job.  And when it’s your job to tell people what to do, it means that you don’t have to do the things you’re telling them to do.  Less work!  Score!  The purpose of a title is to describe how much authority a person has.

On the other hand, labels describe what things are.  If you don’t know what that brick shaped object in the refrigerator is, it’s because you didn’t label it.  Idiot.  People don’t like the idea of being labeled because labels often lead to snap judgments and stereotypes.  This isn’t the labels’ fault.  No label describes everything about a person, and no label is meant to.  People are just not motivated to get the whole story about a person, and they think with their emotions.  Communists are hated no matter what else they may be or what their reasons are for being communists.  The same is true of nazis, pedophiles, rapists, atheists, feminists, homosexuals, teletubbies, snake handlers, and prostitutes.  People are not things.  They are multifaceted.  Labels apply, but it takes more than one to completely describe someone, and the only way to truly know someone is to be them.  To reject a label out of hand is to make a snap judgment about it for fear of snap judgments being made, and that, my polka dotted friend, is irony.


One thought on “Titles and Labels”

  1. I have a title. Your God. But I don’t have any labels. And why is that? Because I don’t call them labels. I hate labels, so I refuse to call them by that thing they are. Wait. This whole paragraph is full of them. They are inescapable! HELP!!!

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