Swizzle Soop

Our regularly scheduled hemp oil salesman will not be skewered today. The following is a paid scrampolation from the ramparts of the following racism. Be advised: do not be advised. This is your last warning. Granola clusters of shiny face toenails willy nilly in Walla Walla, for the paper trail reigns thin upon the speaker plugs of glue. Floataciousness is the difference between the first column and the 13th warrior. Fojumpcandriverd. Stick that in your wallet and clive tornado. Smampy, the wad of broken up purple smurf, and I’m here to say that I rhyme with the beat of a different rapist. Removed squaggles of hizzle frim fram prommity doofus.

We, the lotus blossoms, in order to open a more orangeriffic onion, have the right to remain pop tab. Anything we clam or slip can and will be the land of the crave and the home of the deep. Artistic discography for a limited time. Order tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Swizzle Soop”

  1. Did you know we’re conspiracy theorists? I didn’t know that, but now I do. Some lady on the internet told me so and people on the internet are always right, right?

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