the one that went that way

I didn’t know that it was time to have another meal,
But every day I eat a mime, my eyes get full of zeal.
To kill a thousand paragraphs in fits of raging mop
Would surely drown a farm of ants and laugh at Carrot Top.
Smelly ankles, dirty floors, and miles of sparkling moss.
They all walk into wooden doors, but please don’t tell the boss.

I cannot stand to sit down. I cannot jump the bus.
Death only slightly stronger than the five of us.

I am not quite as special. I’m lying. Yes I am.
But you can trust that I will learn to fly like Superman.


One thought on “the one that went that way”

  1. You’re a poet and I didn’t know it.

    And on top of that, you’re damn good.
    The way that any Ankh man should.

    Perhaps I should make your five into six and Death won’t even stand a chance.

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