Day 2 of the trip

We had a lovely drive on the first day to Copper Break State Park, a park that I definitely recommend to people who are out that way and don’t want to waste money on a hotel. It’s got some good scenery, and the people who run it are nice. I took some very cool pictures there, and I took more as we made our way to Colorado Springs, which is where we are now. I’ll get them uploaded when I get a chance to.

The world is an interesting place, full of great scenery and oddities for people who have their eyes open.

Leaving Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m leaving with Nicole for the magical land of Washington in the morning. We did a dinner thing today, and the whole family got together like we do for stuff like this. I’ll miss getting together with the family all the time like this, but it’s better to go to Washington than to stay here and keep doing nothing. To adventure.

Get yourself ordained!

As I said in reply to Perfectly Disordered, I got ordained through the Universal Life Church to do weddings so I could save a couple of my friends some money on theirs. Anyone can do it, and it’s easy, fast, free, and legit. I checked it out thoroughly before I dared to actually try out my priestly powers. All you do is go to their website by clicking on the link above, fill out a form, and wait a few days. Some states have additional requirements, but the ULC is prepared to help you meet them, though there may be costs involved. It’s very affordable. The ULC has been in operation ordaining people no matter what their religion (or absence thereof) since the 70s or maybe even earlier. You don’t have to take my word for it though. Look them up yourself if you want. Here’s a link to their wikipedia article.

You can do more than just perform weddings with your ULC ordination. You can start your own ministry in whatever religion you want. You can officiate funerals, whatever that entails. You can even get away with killing people. I’M JOKING! DON’T KILL PEOPLE! Well, I can’t tell you not to kill people, but don’t do it because of my joke. Your ordination gives you the legitimate title of reverend, and you can officially change it to whatever you want for a fee. It’s super awesome, and you really need to go and do it. Seriously, it’s free. Do it.