yet another moment of clarity

It was a good day. More and more lately, I seem to experience these moments of unemotional, mental clarity. It’s a feeling of great power because the part of my mind I am in most control of has dominion, and I am particularly strong in that area.

I leave for my new life in Washington in just under a week. People are expecting me to feel excited, but I don’t really feel a whole lot about it at all. It’s something that I know I have to do, so my feelings don’t matter. My friend was bringing up the risks of what I’m doing and saying that he thinks I should just stay here where I’m safe, comfortable, and taken care of. I’d rot away if I did that. I would rather end up homeless and miserable in Washington than live here in this house until I’m 1,000. I need to make my own way in the world. I need to take care of myself. It’s unfortunate that my friend can’t understand that. He’s a good guy, but he will always be taken care of by his wealthy family, and because of that, he will never end up amounting to anything in life. His greatest accomplishments will be high scores in video games. Still, I hope he remains happy and healthy. Maybe one day he’ll find a reason to become more than he is right now.


3 thoughts on “yet another moment of clarity”

    1. I have a place to crash while I get myself situated, so I guess that also starts me out with a group of potential friends as long as I play my cards right. It’s a good foundation for a new life. I’m thinking of trying to make some money by performing weddings. I got myself ordained with the Universal Life Church a while ago so I could do a wedding for some friends.

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