I pretty much expected this whole moving out and being on my own thing to suck, and that’s what it seems to be starting to do now. Last night I was walking, and my right foot started hurting when I stepped on it. Today, my left knee started joining in on the fun, hurting as a bend it. If this is a climate thing and Texas is the only place I can walk, then I’d rather just go back there.

And of course I haven’t heard back from any of the places where I applied for a job. I don’t even want a job, but in my current situation, I kinda need one because nobody will accept anything as payment for anything but U.S. dollars. I think I need to plan things out more because this isn’t really working. Washington is a nice enough place, but it’s so much the same as every other place. I think the problem is as pervasive as I thought, and it’s going to take more doing to find a situation I can keep up with.


2 thoughts on “Doubt”

  1. Everyone has doubt and you are very couragous to just start over , the way you have. You knew it was going to be hard but if you can make it through this you can make it through anything. Keep being the strong, open minded person you are. That is the person everyone loves and supports. You are one of a kind, stay positive and make it happen. This is what you want so go for it!!

    1. I appreciate the support. Angela had similar advice, to keep at it and not give up yet. I think the biggest problem I was having yesterday was that my right foot and left knee were hurting so much that it was preventing me from walking long distances. If I can’t walk here, I certainly don’t want to stay, but I’m feeling better today, so it might be a matter of pacing myself more than I’m used to. I can deal with that.

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