Does everyone not know that cigarettes are addictive? Isn’t it one of the things that they have to print on the packages? Even if it wasn’t printed on there, it’s been well documented that once you start smoking, you WILL get addicted. So when a person is stupid enough to start for whatever stupid reason they do, the suffering they go through during the quitting process is something they totally have coming. They deserve no sympathy or congratulations. They are getting what they knew they would get when they started. I’m not judging them for their suffering. I’m judging them for complaining about it.

OW! I hit myself on the finger with a hammer, and now my finger is swollen! I can’t put gloves on, and it’s cold outside! Woe is me!

The rabid dog I was playing with bit me!

I threw a rock at a beehive, and now I have eighteen stings on my face!

If you’re going to smoke, be smart about it and don’t smoke cigarettes. Smoke pot or something else instead. Don’t put yourself purposely in an unpleasant situation and then complain that it’s unpleasant. You knew what you were getting yourself into.


5 thoughts on “Smoking”

  1. I know I haven’t commented in a while, and said I never would, but I couldn’t let this topic go uncommented.


    There, I said it. Chemicals are not addictive. People are weak fools who can’t help themselves. No one tries to quit smoking and fails. They pretend to try to appease their friends because it’s easier than saying, “I’m not going to quit.” According to 100% of the people I’ve known to “try and fail” once I got them in private.

    Quitting smoking is easy. It doesn’t need twelve steps. Just two.
    1. Remove cigarette from mouth
    2. Do not return cigarette to mouth
    Problem solved.
    100% of the people I’ve known to actually quit smoking have confirmed, in confidence, that quitting smoking was this easy.

    The whole addiction thing is a scam. All addiction is is a lack of willpower. It’s all in the person and not in the substance. This is why people can be addicted to eating, gambling, or sex. There is ABSOLUTELY NO chemical element in it.

    Someone who would get addicted to cigarettes would get addicted to whatever they elected as their pastime.

    1. There are psychological addictions and physiological addictions. Habits form psychological addictions. Chemicals cause physiological addictions. It’s like the medication that you were on before that you had to figure out how to ween yourself off. Quitting cold turkey would have been dangerous and unpleasant. Likewise, in order to quit smoking cigarettes, one must ignore the natural tendency to avoid pain and seek pleasure. It’s only difficult in that one must endure pain to quit smoking.

      I know you will comment every time you feel the desire to. I knew it before that you don’t always stick to what you say you will or will not do, and I want you to know that your comments are welcome here. Also, feel free to send me an email about how things are going with you. Just don’t send me a transcript of every conversation you ever have with anyone online.

      1. I won’t be sending you Emails. That would indicate some sort of relationship. I’m commenting on your statements, not your person. You don’t want me to comment on your person. It won’t be nice.

        As far as getting off my medications (which is hypothetical because I never did it, Mom, Dad, and my psychiatrist. We’re just using this as an argument), the pharmaceutical industries built in a system where, if you try to get off them too fast, you start feeling all fuzzy. The reason they did this is that they didn’t WANT you to get off them without the advice of the doctor. This is why it’s trial and error. You can’t find instructions for getting off these medications. You just have to have your doctor walk you through it. It’s not addiction. You can quit cold turkey and put up with the fucking fuzzy feeling for a week or two. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not dangerous.

        There is no doctor in cigarettes, who wants you to stay on it. They all want you off it. So, they didn’t build that contingency into cigarettes.

        1. It’s a shame that that’s your attitude, Ceej. If you expect people to act like good friends to you, you should act like good friends to them. You didn’t get mad at me for withholding information. You got mad when I revealed it and blamed it on the withholding.

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