If you know anything about me at all, then you know that I’m not into participating in pointless things like making new year’s resolutions. This is not a post about how pointless it is to make new year’s resolutions though. I try to stay away from posting obvious trite. I want to reflect on the reason people make resolutions on this day, what a new year means to people, and what it means to me personally.

People in general are basically very unhappy. They want for things to be over because they live for the hope that things will get better in the future. Rather than do something now, they resolve to do things in the future, and when a year ends, it is the perfect time to trick themselves into believing that things will change simply because an imaginary number changed. New year’s resolutions are ways for people to content themselves with misery as they chase the carrot of hope at the end of the stick of corporate capitalism. People tend to want to either lose weight, make more money, or both. (Or neither.)

To me, it’s like I said, little more than the changing of an imaginary number. A new year marks the passage of time, but a single year doesn’t do it for me like it used to. Years go by so fast, I only notice when five or more of them go by. My nieces and nephew have been a great timekeeper for me though. They’re growing up so quickly, I feel ancient when I think how their entire lives are like so little time to me. It’s not like I actually am old or anything. I’m just 28. I’m still a kid. It will get much more pronounced as time marches on.

The only thing I would resolve to do on new year’s is the same thing I resolve to do every minute of every day, and that’s continue to develop my mind and be there for people who need my help.


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