Product Review – Ginger Beer

In Washington, I tried a number of wacky drinks that were available at a local grocery store.  The best among them was ginger beer, the absolute most painfully flavorful thing I’ve ever drank.  It was awesome.  Since I came back, I’ve been scouring grocery stores looking for it, but they don’t seem to have that same brand anywhere here.  Today I found three different kinds at Fiesta, a grocery store specializing in international foods, and I thought I’d write down here what I thought of them.  Just so you know, even though it is called ginger beer, it is not alcoholic.

I’ll do the best one first.  This one, in case you can’t read the label, is Goya brand jamaican style ginger beer.  It is 9/10 as flavorful as the kind I had in Washington and significantly spicier.  It’s fairly difficult to drink because it sets your mouth and throat on fire, but it is well worth it.  I highly recommend it.

The second best is Reggae Country Style, which for some reason has a logo with JCS on it.  It has a vaguely meaty flavor, which I didn’t must like at first, but after a few sips I grew to like it.  It isn’t nearly as insane as Goya, but it’s still pretty good.  If you want to try something different from Coke and Pepsi, and you are sensitive to spicy things, this is pretty good stuff.

This one is Old Jamaican, and it kinda sucks.  Of the three that I tried, it is the sweetest and least spicy, and it has kind of a rosy taste.  I couldn’t really drink much of it.  Blech.


5 thoughts on “Product Review – Ginger Beer”

    1. I don’t remember what brand it was. It was two names. I don’t even remember if they were two first or last names, but it was the names of two different people and it said jamaican style ginger beer on the label. I got it at a store called “Top Food and Drug” located in Olympia.

      1. That sure is a lot of money, but now that you found it, you can have it shipped in from wherever it comes from. Probably cheaper for you, so I’ll look around and see if they have it locally before ordering online.

        (By the way, I added an update to my Ceej Goes Hollywood post. Want to take a looksee?)

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