Teenagers Having Sex

I was listening to some moron on the radio talking about the fact that kids in high school are having sex, and “they’re not supposed to”. It made me wonder who he thinks he is to decide when a person should be having sex. If someone under the age of 18 is considered too young to make the decision to have sex and therefore anyone having sex with them is committing rape, what about two people under 18? Are they raping each other?

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that any age is all right for sex. What I’m saying is that if a post pubescent person consents to it willingly, without coercion, then it’s nobody’s business but the people involved. Sex can be dangerous, but it is by no means dirty or evil, and telling teenagers not to do it just makes them want to do it more. Rather than criminalize it, we should educate people and leave it to them.

Girls don’t suddenly become sexually attractive on their 18th birthday. I’d say it generally starts around 15. Finding a 15- 17 year old appealing is not pedophilia, though personally I think taking advantage of their overemotional nature and lack of life experience is wrong. But that’s my moral code. Other people have different morals, and they’ll do what they think they should. Girls are not much more mature at 18 as they are at 15, and the law does nothing to prevent them from having sex even at ages much younger than that.

American society just needs to get a grip and stop looking at sex the way they’ve been taught to by their idiotic religions.


4 thoughts on “Teenagers Having Sex”

  1. Remember when people were saying, “I can’t wait for the Olsen twins to turn 18 so I can be attracted to them”? What they really meant was, “So I can admit that I’m attracted to them.”

    I agree that the whole underage sex thing is out of control. There are dirty people who manipulate children into having sex with them. THAT’S wrong. But, then, maybe some teens like older people or just like having sex. Whose business is that? Personally (and I’ve never said this publicly, but I realise I don’t really care), I can be sexually attracted to guys as young as 13, if the development is right. Does that mean I’m going to go out and rape them? God, I can’t spend enough time in the room alone with a teenager to have sex with him. Have you TRIED hanging out with those kids? They are annoying. I couldn’t do it if I wanted to.

    There was the comedian that made a joke about having sex with teenage girls and then went on to say, “Not that I want to have sex with teenage girls. What am I saying. Of COURSE I want to have sex with teenage girls. That’s why there are laws!”

    Sometimes people who are close to me that already knew of the teenage attractions tell me I’m going to jail for just having the attractions. First of all, as long as I’m not having sex with kids, I’m not violating any of these silly laws. Second, it’s the biological norm to be attracted to people after they hit puberty. People are just afraid to admit it, but then, if it’s not possible for a person to be both attractive and underage, then where did the term, “jail-bait” come from?

  2. I concur. But I don’t think even the scriptures of the major religions say anything about how young or old people can be for sex, only that one should be married or some such, right? All the age stuff is just what people added to it.

    1. That’s true, and some people will even get married just so their religion will approve of them having sex. There are probably tons of 14 year olds becoming mothers in the bible just like there are in Shakespeare plays. The idea of it being wrong for anyone under 18 to have sex is pretty new.

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