this is very annoying

I got to work when my employer was about to leave for the bank. (He goes a few times a week for around two hours at a time, so I’m not sure he’s actually going to the bank.) He said his wife was in the office, so I went up there expecting the door to be unlocked. Guess what the door was! It was locked! I knocked several times as loudly as I thought was prudent in an office building on a Monday morning, but there was no answer, which is strange for an office where somebody supposedly is. So I said “fuck this” a little more loudly than was prudent in an office building on a Monday morning and went back home, where I now await word from my employer or his wife that the door is unlocked. What an irritating waste of my time.

I just found out that my employer’s wife had stepped out of the office for some reason, apparently forgetting that I work there. We’ve met many times. I don’t understand how it could have slipped her mind that I would need to get into the office today.


7 thoughts on “this is very annoying”

          1. Well, maybe the don’t. Sometimes smaller companies think money matters. Most corporations know damn well that money is worthless. They just don’t tell you that because dealing in it gives them all the power.

            1. I don’t work for a corporation. It’s a small company. I think it only has like 6 employees. I answer directly to the owner of it, or one of the owners. The logo I designed for it is the official logo of the whole company.

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