Another christian argument blown out of the water

Among the apologies made for the christian faith is that Yahweh can’t allow sin to enter heaven.  We’ll ignore the obvious “there is something a supposedly omnipotent being can’t do” fallacy for now and dig a little deeper.  Christians think that the human race is inherently sinful and that it’s something we can’t really do anything about.  Our getting into heaven has nothing to do with our actions or intentions because those are tainted by our sinful nature and more to do with our belief that Jebus died so we could believe in him and go to heaven even though we don’t deserve it.  Are you seeing it now?  Even though Yahweh CAN’T  allow sin to enter heaven, Jebus’ sacrifice makes it possible for sinful beings to do what?  Enter heaven!  Clearly, either Yahweh actually can allow sin into heaven or believing in Jebus doesn’t actually help our chances of getting in.

Then again, maybe there’s a third option.  Maybe the process of dying as a Jebus believer changes a spirit into a sinless being much like dying with vampire blood in your system causes one to become a vampire according to Ann Rice’s mythology. (I think that’s how it works anyway.  I’ve never actually read any of her books.  It’s on my to-do list.) I’d like to hear what an apologist can come up with to explain this contradiction.


7 thoughts on “Another christian argument blown out of the water”

  1. …piety, faith are private matters. religion
    is singular, up to the person, when it gets
    social it’s a disease.

  2. …well, piety=pie(N)=to not pick(one’s nose), and faith from the same root. dis-ease is
    the opposite of comfort. religion is nothing
    more than the word, to rise/tleco(N)=leg.
    evangel is impious. being a virus, i’ll admit
    to a disease but i want to be on the rise and
    comfortable however i can manage it without
    disturbing my neighbor. happiness? no, i’m
    not a pig.

  3. What Yahweh can’t do is an interesting subject for theologians. Apparently he can do anything except the things he can’t do. He is unable to not forgive you (going on my former denomination), unable to do evil. I was asked if he was able to create a rock so heavy that he couldn’t lift it, and they told me that to ask such questions was a threat to my faith. Turns out they were right. Questioning what I’ve been taught by pointing out the idiocies in it surely did bring my faith down.

    Here’s an interesting point. Apparently Yahweh murdered his only son because he loved people so much, and there was no other way for them to enter heaven. Here’s a thought. He’s God! He has the power to create another way! “I know,” Pastor Edge told me, “But he did it this way to show us how much he loved us.”

    Hmm…. I believe the book of Matthew says he did it this way because it was the ONLY way, but let’s give him that. I would rather not have someone’s affection shown for me by whether or not they’re willing and able to murder their only son. I don’t want to get involved with a person who’s that psychotic, let alone a god.

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