Fezzle Swashboard

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But then, the party should be a lot of fun. After all, you enjoyed the last one, didn’t you? They had cake, punch, and a petting zoo. I guess it didn’t really help that everyone thought you were a goat. Well how is it my fault that you were born looking like that? Oh, right. The wizard I pissed off. Well SOOOOOORY! Excuse the living frick out of me for trying to have a good time with the little bit of time we get to be alive! I thought you’d enjoy the horns. You could use it as a pickup line. “Do I look horny to you?” Come on, it’s clever!

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Stromple Domp

Is another can while the frezzle wee
I met a man who had purple chi
Sezzle pop, will another chin
There is no purpose in another djinn

Halve a freedom lives to lost
Cans of blue and yellow frost
Caking bagger, slimy praug
Piano playing silver frog

All this will you more to france
Black and white and yellow pants
Shut up. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.
Keep on tumbler face and sheep!