A post from a very bitter girl

I consider myself to be a rather beautiful person, but I didn’t always, so I kinda identify with this.

From the pictures I’ve seen, the girl who posted this blog is not bad looking. Then again, I’ve been fooled by pictures before. Well, once. Actually, I’ve seen her youtube videos also, and she is far from ugly. Rejection messes with the mind, I suppose.


5 thoughts on “A post from a very bitter girl”

  1. In my experience, people who believe they’re ugly are generally MORE attractive than those who believe they’re beautiful, but not always. I would believe your assessment that she’s good-looking but just bitter because so many pompous people have rejected her citing her looks. She should read MY article about that. Do you know who she is?

    Can you show her? http://indoctrination.underceej.co.uk/?p=954

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