Now it is 2013

I don’t have anything to say about new beginnings because this isn’t one.  It’s just a number changing.  Time marches on, and that’s nothing new.  I’m not feeling gloomy or anything.  2012 was the best year of my life, and 2013 is starting out on a really good foot, but my good fortune has nothing to do with what time of year it is.  It has to do with who I am and who I’ve surrounded myself with.

As anyone who has met me or read many of my blog posts can probably guess, I don’t do the resolution thing because I don’t believe anyone really changes their lives for the sake of upholding a resolution.  I don’t need to change my life.  It’s going great, and I am perfect in every way imaginable, so why change that?

2013 is just a number.  It’s 30 years after the day I was born, so until March 4th, we’re in 30 Y.A.  (Year of Ankh)  So hold off on the celebrating.  The real holiday is months away.


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