Not my president

I once called myself an anarchist. I believed that taxation was theft, that the nonaggression principle was the only rule society needed, and that, left to their own devices, people would self-organize into societies that more or less avoided using coercion against each other to get what they need.

I don’t think that any more. I believe that government is necessary to establish laws for the good of society and to organize it in a way that allows everyone the opportunity to have a good life. The government of the United States has never done that particularly well, but it’s a work in progress, and plenty of other governments do much worse.

But the current administration seems dedicated to doing exactly the opposite of what a good government should do. Donald has found the absolute worst people possible for every cabinet position in an obvious attempt to ruin everything that his predecessors have worked to create. He himself is the worst possible person to be president.

I’m not an anarchist, but the Trump regime is clearly illegitimate. We know Russia interfered with the election, we know Hillary Clinton got more votes (never mind that she pulled some shady tricks to win the nomination, that’s immaterial now), and we know that Donald is in way over his head. He can’t do the job he was installed to do. He can only make a mess that gets bigger and bigger every day he’s allowed to sign executive orders that he’s too lazy to actually read and too stupid to understand.

Donald cannot be president. For the good of the world, we need someone else. Anyone else.