Editing drama

It’s been a while since anything has bothered me enough to want to blog about it. I edit book submissions for a small publishing company called Grey Gecko Press, and a few weeks ago, I got an email about how my editing style and that of another editor have been conflicting on a recent project. As I look over the other editor’s work, I see a lot that I wish I’d caught. The more I see that she fixed, the more it feels like she’s better at editing than I am.

What really bothers me is the idea that I did a bad job. That’s probably not the case, but maybe I could have done better on this book. I don’t get very much work, so when I get something after a long lull, I’m rusty. I procrastinate and end up not spending the time I should be spending carefully looking through everything. It’s not just that someone did a better job. It’s that I did a bad job.

I guess I’m disappointed with the work I did, and now it’s being pointed out in a way that nobody is saying what I’m worried about (other than myself), but I think my failure is a big part of the reason for the “conflicting styles.”

So what’s going on underneath it all? Am I losing interest in editing? I do that too much. I start learning to do something, I get good at it, my talents are recognized, and then I lose interest and move on to something else. Then my skills fail as I go through the motions disguised as the person who is really good at that thing but isn’t any more because I don’t care about it any more. Maybe I have ADHD. Or maybe this is normal. Hey, is this why people get jobs and then become miserable? Are they just bored with the monotony of a career they’ve invested so much time and money building?

Well, it’s not like I’ve invested all that much into editing. And I don’t think I’ve really lost interest. I lost focus. When there’s something that I have to spend a lot of time focusing on, like a video project or an editing project, I get guilted because of the time I’m not spending with other people.

Blerg. I just hope this all blows over soon. I have too much on my plate sometimes.

One thought on “Editing drama”

  1. Maybe you’re just a drifter. Nothing wrong wtih that. That just means you like new experiences. Once the experience is no longer new, you’re gonna look for the next thing.

    Drifter’s have far more interesting lives than most people. So, maybe you don’t have the anchor that brings you stablity, but you have something more rare (and IMHO more valuable).

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