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Book review: The Lightbringers by H. C. H. Ritz

As a photographer, it’s easy to get people to look at my work. As a writer, very few people have actually taken the time to sit down and read my books. That’s why when my friend said she had written and published a book and that it was science fiction, I had to check it out. The short review of this book is that it’s awesome and you should buy it and read it for yourself. You can get it here.  If you want more, keep reading.


It’s the future, around 2079 I think, and the United States has closed its borders and became New America, where everything is perfect and everyone thinks positively in order to bring good things into their lives.  That’s what the government tells them they have to do anyway.  Gaylen Andrews is having trouble with the usual prescription for all of life’s ills when his wife leaves him and takes their daughter with her.  Then he discovers the underground, where everything the law forbids is done, and he becomes entangled in a world of violence, death, and terrorism.  He is forced to leave his old life behind and begin a new one where he faces his inner darkness rather than denying it for the first time.

Opinion and stuff:

The author tells the story from the perspectives of not only the most important protagonists, but also a few of the antagonists, which I found very interesting.  It’s nice to see things the way a villain does and to watch even him grow throughout the story.  Gaylen, who I didn’t realize was black until halfway through the book (not that it matters really), starts off as a “sleeper”, which reminded me a little of the people in The Matrix who are unaware that their world is a lie.  Then, almost involuntarily, he becomes so much more.  It was a lot of fun to grow along with him and witness his struggles.  The book has a great message, that it takes more than just positive thinking to make the world a better place.  Well, that’s part of it anyway.  There’s a lot to it, and you really should read it for yourself.

Scenes are described but not overdescribed, and there are many moments when I was actually excited about what was going on.  I often thought I was watching a movie, especially toward the end.  The only criticism I would give is that there were some minor formatting errors and maybe a spelling mistake or two.  Most people probably wouldn’t notice.  Now you might since I mentioned them, so forget I said anything.  Just read it.

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