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Fezzle Swashboard

There are no more speaker tube lampbash, so I don’t understand how they koruckularly hang the sausage fern. Will somerunny squeeze the keyclamp? And then but for supdog keycard swanlakeishly had another pound of band syrup. Quick! Look over the! Sterrip suing gamble pods! Sunglasses should help. That’s what think of the fountain of yoop. Slavish hangs the fruit of the sellow vine. Pick the fruit and eat thems. The gods endorse such action film catastrophe. Xeno-cheel ienosphore jemprellybob nohelgirashingmap. Make sense! Nonsecular roolid and the jamber of spekrets. Bambindrospaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kringle is the name of he who she is mad of the age of reason. Thanks for the sloog-pog, Jambert!

But then, the party should be a lot of fun. After all, you enjoyed the last one, didn’t you? They had cake, punch, and a petting zoo. I guess it didn’t really help that everyone thought you were a goat. Well how is it my fault that you were born looking like that? Oh, right. The wizard I pissed off. Well SOOOOOORY! Excuse the living frick out of me for trying to have a good time with the little bit of time we get to be alive! I thought you’d enjoy the horns. You could use it as a pickup line. “Do I look horny to you?” Come on, it’s clever!

Ziggyscape ruintology is the main course of study at the stupendrilous tendfrost GELBAIT. That’s right, Wrongbert! Skulls mean a pregnant basis for tube desks. It can’t be emphasized enough. Sbypxiq spandrola thrives in nature valley. Uncommon knowledge of the ignore function doesn’t seem to devolve sporoclastic pencil drops. Stronger measures are responded, and then we will all bask in the glory of basilisk candles. WE WILL ALL BASK IN THE GLORY OF BASILISK CANDLES!


Stromple Domp

Is another can while the frezzle wee
I met a man who had purple chi
Sezzle pop, will another chin
There is no purpose in another djinn

Halve a freedom lives to lost
Cans of blue and yellow frost
Caking bagger, slimy praug
Piano playing silver frog

All this will you more to france
Black and white and yellow pants
Shut up. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.
Keep on tumbler face and sheep!

the one that went that way

I didn’t know that it was time to have another meal,
But every day I eat a mime, my eyes get full of zeal.
To kill a thousand paragraphs in fits of raging mop
Would surely drown a farm of ants and laugh at Carrot Top.
Smelly ankles, dirty floors, and miles of sparkling moss.
They all walk into wooden doors, but please don’t tell the boss.

I cannot stand to sit down. I cannot jump the bus.
Death only slightly stronger than the five of us.

I am not quite as special. I’m lying. Yes I am.
But you can trust that I will learn to fly like Superman.

Swizzle Soop

Our regularly scheduled hemp oil salesman will not be skewered today. The following is a paid scrampolation from the ramparts of the following racism. Be advised: do not be advised. This is your last warning. Granola clusters of shiny face toenails willy nilly in Walla Walla, for the paper trail reigns thin upon the speaker plugs of glue. Floataciousness is the difference between the first column and the 13th warrior. Fojumpcandriverd. Stick that in your wallet and clive tornado. Smampy, the wad of broken up purple smurf, and I’m here to say that I rhyme with the beat of a different rapist. Removed squaggles of hizzle frim fram prommity doofus.

We, the lotus blossoms, in order to open a more orangeriffic onion, have the right to remain pop tab. Anything we clam or slip can and will be the land of the crave and the home of the deep. Artistic discography for a limited time. Order tomorrow!

canker sticks

Jimmy and the willow had another time to spout, and they took the opportunity to book it over to the quarry.  Upon closer reflection, it seemed unusual that nobody should even make an attempt to slay the giant pillow watermelon, but the point to sleep is to have another smoothie.  Cellphone face and orange juice spider man.  Such sentences should be written in cursive or handed down by a judge with warts the size of a six.  Killingly squoon-fed balmoofs are in favor of removing the rights of sheldonspheres to have their one two five in pieces rather than in the shape of eight hundred thousand flightless birds in flight.  The zoo is the place to be.  For webspace to cost legitimately, one must stay eyeball brains of can will not should maybe.  But why oh why, commas, commas, commas, another comma, comma, comma, not a comma.  Toenail clippers are necessary, but not in the age of chewsaw clams, which are fished up from the bottom of a moon pie.  Sippery Pete penciled it in on his day off, so shut up about it.

Quarters of neutral penny stereo equipment insured for millions in a manner best described as gackity belie the syntax of bottlecap nutswabs.  Ah, but now we see the fallacy of the flaming eraser, which reads for dollar bills to the ant queen.  I am the purple duck you have been looking for.  But why?  Semicolon; semicolon; semicolon; {curly brackets}!

Tankle Gamp

Why is it that whenever a leaf falls to the ankle of a pure white snow, not to be confused with racially pure white, which everyone knows is to swim home from camp, there is a musical chair attack? It makes no blood. Can’t I jump from here to there without two cents worth of nickels? Cookies might not think so, but scissors have reason to doubt. The validity of sparkle tubes is deeply rooted in lampshades and will not be outdone by a porcupine like you. Slamtastic! Glue the feathers and move on please.